In the Media

"Big Leap strives to show organizations what they have now--the good and the bad--as vividly as possible. Their aim, as Hamlet says of the players, is 'to hold... the mirror up to nature.' The whole purpose of their interventions is to help organizations see what they are doing now." 

"Big Leap aims for long-term results using dramatic interventions that energize action in service of a clearly defined organizational goal." 

"Part of the value of organizational drama is its ability to show how the emotional dimension affects the quality of people's work--a truth some organizations try to ignore." 

"Donnellan and Carlson explain that they use humor to make the plays comfortable, not confrontational, to help people remove themselves from their work situations and then get involved in fixing them." 

FROM: "In Good Company: How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work." 2001 Harvard Business School Press. By Don Cohen and Larry Prusak.

   Client  Feedback

"It was a real learning opportunity for our staff.
It was very entertaining and it served a very real purpose.
It helped generate significant dialog after the production.

The overall response by the staff was terrific.
I would highly recommend it."

-----Bob Burbidge, President,  Genesis Consolidated Services