"BIG LEAP aims for long-term results using dramatic interventions that energize action in service of a clearly defined organizational goal."  

--- Don Cohen and Larry Prusak, In Good Company: How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work. (Harvard Business School Press, 2001)



  • We work with clients committed to growth.

  • We custom design and implement programs to help individuals, teams and organizations perform at the highest levels. 

  • We offer training and consultation for team development. 

  • We believe that adults learn best by DOING.  Active involvement generates useful, compelling knowledge for the organization.

  • We use client-proven approaches to focus on, understand and resolve obstacles to organizational and individual growth.

  • We work with you to deliver sensible and sustainable results.

 Dr. Gerry Donnellan and his associates work with individuals, teams and organizations; they serve small businesses, large public companies, family businesses and not-for-profits.

Dr. Donnellan has been awarded The Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising from the Family Firm Institute, the premier international organization of family business consultants. He is a Fellow of FFI.

Make That Leap!

Gerry's book, "Who Will Drive the Bus? Guidance for Developing Leaders in the Family Enterprise." is available on AMAZON.