Drawing on his experience in working with business-owning families, Gerry has written a highly readable and practical book for family business leaders and professionals who advise family businesses. His use of case vignettes is a particularly effective way to help the reader understand common issues families face as they plan for succession in the family business. 

I recommend Gerry’s book for anyone who is looking for effective ways to manage the family dynamics associated with creating a family enterprise designed to be sustainable over multiple generations of family ownership.

--- Stephen P. Miller, Vice Chair of the Executive Committee and Executive Vice President. The Biltmore Company, Asheville, North Carolina. Lecturer, Family Enterprise Institute, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  

You may very well find yourself looking in the mirror as you witness many of the common themes with which business families struggle. Each with its own unique twist and turn is crisply and clearly detailed in Gerry Donnellan's book, "Who Will Drive the Bus?" 

Based on real stories, Gerry presents us with the facts, the differing perspectives, the challenges, and the underlying dynamics... plus, a concrete, practical guide to the specific action steps we can each take to address the issues. Written for family enterprise members and their advisors, this is an easy yet substantive read. An extra copy or two will make an ideal gift for your family members, advisors or clients!

--- Paul Karofsky, Transition Consulting Group.

Who Will Drive the Bus? is a must read for the family business who needs to address leadership and the family business consultant who would benefit from an organized, insightful guide. Donnellan has clearly dealt with many family businesses and is well versed in their struggles and process. In particular the summaries and checklists serve to focus the reader on what is important. The last chapter nicely summarizes the high points of the book and puts a path in place so that the family can execute the next steps.

--- Patricia Annino, Esq. Chair, Estate Planning Practice, Prince Lobel, Boston.

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