Learning Lab Workshops For Advisers

Keys to Growing Client Relationships

Trust is the key to attracting and holding on to clients. This workshop focuses on how trust develops, what the steps are to grow it and how to avoid the pitfalls which can doom it.

This workshop is for seasoned professionals in law, accounting, insurance and wealth advising and management. It focuses on concerns many professionals share:  how to create one’s own brand and be the trusted professional clients are eager to work with.

  • Do you want to grow your practice and become a “client magnet”? 
  • Are you stalled in your client relationships?
  • Do you want to foster richer, long-lasting relationships?  
  • How do you deal with your clients’ resistance to change?

You Will Learn

·         The key elements to creating trust with clients

·         Why how you communicate can deepen trust

·         How to avoid “trust killers”

·         How and when to challenge the client’s perceptions

·         How to reframe the client’s “problem” to one focused on solutions

What You Will Bring Into Your Practice

  • How to create compelling conversations which help shift and expand the client relationship
  • A successful method for conducting these “turning point” conversations and making clients eager to work with you
  • To value and use the power of listening as a key ingredient to understanding and responding to clients’ needs.

  • A better understanding of why you are the key to growing your professional relationships

Total time2 hours.


               Feedback from Participants

"I thoroughly enjoyed this meeting. The content is so appropriate for our current market situation especially within this type of industry. I think sometimes with the stresses from above for increasing numbers we may lose sight of what is important." (Insurance Executive)

"This will be of interest to every member of every professional organization that serves clients." (Senior Consultant to family businesses)

"I think this particular seminar worked so well because there were different professions represented. I think if you did a seminar of just lawyers or just accountants the dynamic would be different. Likewise, if you did a seminar in a law firm the dynamic would be very different. In that context you may not get people to open up as much."

"You did a great job of keeping things on track and meeting the time deadlines."(Accountant)

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The Learning Lab is a focused approach to professional development. Busy professionals learn best when they actively engage in the process and apply what they learn to their work.