Team Development: Consultation and  Training 

We work with teams and groups in a variety of industries and sectors.

At the center of this work is the team development instrument, the Group Development Questionnaire (GDQ).

The GDQ questionnaire is a valid, reliable, research-based tool which enables team members to understand, for themselves, where they are in their development as a team. When used as part of the consultation process with the team, the knowledge it generates gets the team focused and propels it toward action.

Why use this process?

  • It is focused on the work of the group -- what the group should be doing to achieve its goals.

  • The substantial database of the GDQ enables comparisons with similar business groups.

  • Metrics don't lie: if the group changes and develops, it can be measured.

  • The tool, and the consultation process, is engaging, not confrontational nor blaming; the aim is to help the team or group achieve its stated goals.

  • It is cost-effective.

Who Works with Us?

This approach to team development is geared to senior teams in family-owned businesses, non-profits and public companies.  All teams would benefit from this sensible and compelling approach, which relies on real-time data about the team. 

This approach helps the team understand where it is in its development, where it wants to go and helps it craft the solutions to reach its objectives.


Dr. Donnellan is a certified administrator and consultant in using the GDQ for team assessment and developent.